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The Center for South Asia at the University of Wisconsin – Madison is made up of a community of faculty and staff who reflect the diversity and global relevance of South Asian Studies. Through our diverse academic disciplines, summer language institute, annual conference, student organizations and outreach programs, the Center seeks to define and promote greater understanding of South Asian history, language, religion and culture. We also support linkages to other relevant area studies and global studies programs that emphasize transnational flows of culture, people, money in ways that are important to a better understanding of South Asia both in the past and the present.

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Ahmedabad - Life of a City in India

DVD – (30 minutes, 1983)

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Ahmedabad - Screen Capture…traces the history of the city as Hindu rulers were replaced by Muslim rulers, who in turn were replaced by British rulers. Under the British, Ahmedabad became a major industrial center. Differences between laborers and mill-owners flared into industrial disputes. Gandhi, from his ashram in Ahmedabad, led a textile union in its successful non-violent struggle for fair wages. The film shows Ahmedabad today as a modern industrial and administrative center, containing, in addition to squatters and laborers, a growing middle class of clerks, civil servants, and entrepreneurs generating their own artistic and consumer cultures.

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Binda Paranjape
April 24, 2014
12:00pm - 6:00pm

The Sun temple of Konark is situated on the eastern coast of India. It is one of the monuments declared as the World Heritage Monument. It was constructed in the 13th Century This temple is studied from various perspectives. Aspects that I wish to present are following: Konark as a culmination of temple architecture; Sun worship and various aspects of solar phenomena are the main reference points of this temple; The artistic value is the prime attraction of this temple.


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