An Appointment With The Astrologer: Personal Consultants In Hindu Society

DVD – (40 minutes, 1985)

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astrolog…shows four highly-regarded astrologers in Varanasi (Banaras) practicing a discipline in which they have all received extensive academic training. The film also presents some of the people who come to these astrologers for personal consultations: a woman whose husband has been missing for over a year, an actor confronting a major law suit, a young woman whose marriage arrangements have been broken off three times because of her horoscope, the Maharaja of Banaras who needs to know auspicious times to sign important documents, a politician trying to determine whether or not to stand in a forthcoming election, a young man who wants a second opinion on his arranged marriage, and a rickshaw driver who wants to cure his suicide-prone son. Through observing the astrologers’ responses to their clients’ needs, one sees present-day applications of classical astrological training.

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