Being Muslim In India

DVD – (40 Minutes, 1984)

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muslimScene from “Being Muslim”…presents the basic teachings of Islam and introduces Qasim, a devout Sunni Muslim and successful businessman, who lives in Lucknow. The film does not show Qasim’s first wife, who has been observing seclusion since she was six. But it does introduce his other two wives: Dawn, who is Irish and is a convert from Christianity, and Aktar, who gave up a teaching career to join Qasim’s family and administer his tobacco business. Dawn and Aktar describe their relationships toward Qasim, each other, and each others’ children, as well as their roles in the extended family. The film concludes with the family celebration of a bismillah ceremony, when Qasim’s granddaughter recites the basic tenets of Islam and begins her formal study of the Qur’an.

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