Holi Hey: A Festival Of Love, Color, And Life

DVD – (53 minutes, 1995)

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holiheyScene from “Holi Hey”…shows how the annual north-Indian Spring festival of Holi is celebrated in the city of Banaras (Varanasi, Kashi). A respected Banaras brahman, Mahant Veer Bhadra Mishra, recounts several explanations for the Holi festival. These include the story of the devout youth, Prahlad, whose trust in God led to the flaming end of his wicked aunt Holika (recalled in the Holi bonfire); and the story of Krishna and his romantic encounters with Radha and the village cowgirls (reflected in the exhuberant color spraying/dousing of Holi). The film dramatizes how once each year the Holi festival unites neighborhoods, breaches the barriers of age, caste, social rank, and religious afiliations, and calls on all to share in unity and merriment.

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