Lecture by Ram Singh, Professor at the Delhi School of Economics

“Eminent Domain to Acquire Private Properties:
A U.S.-India Comparison”
Friday, April 1, 12-1:30pm, 360 Science Hall 

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Ram Singh (Professor, Delhi School of Economics and Visiting Professor, Department of Economics,
Brown University)

Eminent domain — the taking of privately owned land by government without the individual’s consent — has always been a controversial topic. It is especially so now, in developed and developing countries. In the U.S. the contemporary controversy is rooted to the 2005 U.S. Supreme Court Kelo case, which expanded governmental authority by allowing local governments to take land for economic development purposes. In India where land ownership is rooted to the social and economic security of the lower and middle classes, resistance to governmental action is ever increasing, especially in light of a proposed new national law which would change the basis for such action. This talk explores the global controversy through a comparative examination of law, social response, and economic impacts in two of the world’s leading democracies.

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