Munni (‘little Girl’): Childhood And Art In Mithila

DVD – (30 minutes, 1981)

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munni…follows the life of Munni (meaning ‘little girl’), an eleven-year-old growing up in the Mithila-speaking region of northeastern India. For many years, village women in this region have painted figures and ceremonial designs on the walls and floors of their homes. Recently, some women have sold their paintings for income. The film shows Munni eating breakfast, going to school with her friends, fetching water in a bucket, swimming in the village pond, and playing (and arguing) with her friends. The film also shows Munni learning those skills that may enable her too, someday, to be a Mithila artist: watching her ‘older sister’ paint figures from a Mithila legend, and adding red-powder dots to the white flour-paste designs on a courtyard floor.

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