Teri Allendorf – Assistant Scientist, Forest and Wildlife Ecology and Honorary Fellow, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
Aseem Ansari – Professor of Biochemistry
Muhammad Farooq Asif – Lecturer in Urdu
Sumudu Atapattu  – Director, UW Law School Research Centers
Bernadette Baker – Professor of Curriculum and Instruction
Ann Behrmann – Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Medicine and Public Health
Rikhil Bhavnani – Assistant Professor of Political Science
Gudrun Bühnemann – Professor of Languages and Cultures of Asia
Pallavi Chhabra – Teaching Assistant, Hindi
Preeti Chopra – Associate Professor of Architecture, Urban History and Visual Studies
Kenneth Croes – Senior Project Director, University of Wisconsin Survey Center
Aparna Dharwadker – Professor of English and Theatre & Drama
Vinay Dharwadker – Professor of Comparative Literature and Folklore Studies
Henry Drewal – Evjue-Bascom Professor of Art History and Afro-American Studies
John Dunne – Visiting Professor, East Asian Languages and Literatures
Lalita du Perron – Associate Director, Center for South Asia
Thomas Eggert – Senior Lecturer, School of Business and Executive Director, Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council
Sara Farsiu – Teaching Assistant in Persian
Elaine Fisher – A.W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Religious Studies Program
Anna M. Gade, – Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor in the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
Christine Garlough – Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies and Folklore Studies; Interim Director, Center for South Asia
Shubha Ghosh –  Vilas Research Fellow and George Young Bascom Professor in Business Law

Sundaram Gunasekaran – Professor, Biological Systems Engineering
Laura J. Hammond – Administrative Director, South Asia Summer Language Institute; U.S. Director, American Institute of Bangladesh Studies and American Institute of Pakistan Studies; Project Coordinator, UW-Madison Project GO

Sherry Harlacher– Director and Chief Curator, Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection & Ruth Davis Design Gallery School of Human Ecology
Anne Hansen – Professor of History; Director, Center for South East Asian Studies
Victor Jew  – Lecturer in Asian American Studies
J. Mark Kenoyer – Professor of Anthropology
Jampa Khedup  – Associate Lecturer in Tibetan
Christopher Livanos – Associate Professor of Comparative Literature and Folklore Studies
B. Venkat Mani – Professor of German

Todd Michelson-Ambelang – South Asia Bibliographer, Memorial Library
Fatemeh Mirsharifi – Teaching Assistant, Languages and Cultures of Asia
Viren Murthy – Assistant Professor of History
Asifa Quraishi – Associate Professor of Law
Paul Robbins – Director and Professor, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
Uli Schamiloglu – Professor of Central Asian Studies
Hemant G. Shah – Director and Professor, School of Journalism and Mass Communication
Mitra Sharafi – Associate Professor of Law and History
Swetha Shrestha – Education Programs Associate, Global Health Institute
Mark Sidel – Doyle-Bascom Professor of Law and Public Affairs
Gurindar S.Sohi  – John P. Morgridge Professor and E. David Cronon Professor of Computer Sciences
Sachin Tuli – Director of International Programs, School of Business
Rachel Weiss – Assistant Director, Center for South Asia
André Wink – Professor of History and Senior Fellow, Institute for Research in the Humanities
Stephen Young – Assistant Professor of Geography and International Studies


Aneesh Aneesh – Associate Professor of Sociology and Global Studies, UW-Milwaukee
Michael Baltutis – Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, UW-Oshkosh
Erica Bornstein  – Associate Professor of Anthropology, UW-Milwaukee
Gargi Chauduri – Assistant Professor of Geography and Earth Science, UW-La Crosse
Devaleena Das – Associate Lecturer, Women’s Studies, UW-Whitewater
Natalie Gummer – Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Beloit College
Supriya D. Hayer – Research Associate, Department of Family Medicine, UW-Madison
Lalita Pandit Hogan  – Professor of English, UW-La Crosse
James Jaffe – Professor of History, UW-Whitewater
Manuel Lopez-Zafra – Assistant Professor, Philosophy and Religious Studies, UW- Eau Claire
Anita Mukherjee – Assistant Professor, School of Business, UW-Madison
Irfan Omar – Associate Professor of Theology, Marquette University
Kumkum Sangari – Professor of English, UW-Milwaukee
Luke Whitmore – Assistant Professor of Philosophy, UW-Stevens Point


Nkoyo Edoho-Eket – Program Assistant, Center for South Asia
Anne Naparstek – Student Services Coordinator, SASLI
Jessica Pasker- Program Assistant, Center for South Asia
Alicia Wright – Assistant Conference Coordinator, Center for South Asia


Mary Brennan – Professor Emerita of Dance
Marianne Bloch – Professor Emerita of Curriculum and Instruction
Sharon Dickson  – Associate Director Emerita, Center for South Asia
Joseph W. Elder – Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Languages and Cultures of Asia, and Integrated Liberal Studies
Robert E. Frykenberg – Professor of History and South Asian Studies Emeritus
Marc Galanter– John and Rylla Bosshard Professor of Law and South Asian Studies Emeritus
Henry J. Hart – Professor Emeritus of Political Science
David M. Knipe – Professor Emeritus of Languages and Cultures of Asia and Religious Studies
Susana Lastarria-Cornhiel – Professor Emerita of Urban Planning and Development
Muhammad U. Memon – Professor Emeritus of Urdu Literature and Arabic Studies
Usha Nilsson – Professor Emerita of Languages and Cultures of Asia
Krishna Pradhan – Lecturer of Languages and Cultures of Asia Emeritus
Ved Prakash – Professor Emeritus of Urban and Regional Planning
V. Narayana Rao  – Krishnadevaraya Professor of Languages and Cultures of Asia Emeritus
Geshe Sopa – Professor Emeritus of Languages and Cultures of Asia
Gautama Vajracharya – Lecturer in Art History Emeritus
Frances Wilson – Professor Emeritus of South Asian Studies
Sheela Verma – Lecturer of Languages and Cultures of Asia Emerita