Tibetan Buddhism: Preserving The Monastic Tradition

DVD – (29 minutes, 1982)

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monastic…focuses on the traditional monastic career preserved by Tibetan Buddhist monks of Sera Monastery in Karnataka, South India.The film documents a boy’s ordination and observes daily activities of cooking, cleaning, building, farming, printing scriptures from wood blocks, painting thankas and molding food offerings. The film illustrates Sera’s scholarly curriculum including memorizing, analyzing and debating six subjects: Logic, Epistemology, the Three Jewels, the Four Noble Truths, the Middle Path and the Great Compassion. Mastery of these six subjects earns one the Geshe degree. The film concludes with observances of the Buddhist Tantras including: making a mandala, training in the tantric voice, taking an initiation, and holding a fire ceremony.

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