Tibetan Buddhism: The Wheel Of Life

DVD – (30 minutes, 1991)

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wheel…focuses on a Buddhist painting of a giant wheel, within the rims and spokes of which are colorful scenes illustrating Buddhism’s major teachings. These include Buddhism’s Four Noble Truths: (1) Suffering, (2) the Cause of Suffering, (3) the Cessation of Suffering, and (4) the Path to the Cessation of Suffering. On the axle of the Wheel are depicted a pig, rooster, and snake (representing ignorance, attachment, and hatred–the three central causes of suffering). The Wheel itself is typically shown clenched in the jaws of Death, dramatizing how sentient beings are bound to the cycle of rebirth, re-suffering, and re-death. The film itself, with its narration, demonstrates the ways in which an artistic representation can be used to teach complete philosophical lessons.

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