Swat: An Analysis of Political, Administrative, Socio-Political and Economic Developments

Swat has been periodically invaded by formidable armies, of which the present deployment of the Pakistani armed forces is an example. The situation in Swat became volatile in 2007 as both government forces and extremist factions clashed. Clashes erupted again in spring 2009, which resulted in millions of IDPs (internally displaced persons) fleeing Swat. There are many players involved with conflicting agendas. Swat is at a crossroads and if both sides refuse to budge, it is likely to spell ruin for Swat
and its inhabitants. Professor Sultan-i-Rome will discuss agendas of the major factions, including the provincial government, TNSM, and Swat’s local Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), with an eye towards understanding how a peaceful solution from this increasingly volatile situation could be forged.

This lecture is co-sponsored by the American Institute of Pakistan Studies.