Akinori Uesugi

Excavations at the Harappan Cemetery at Farmana: New Insights on Relationship Between the Harappan and Local Cultures in the Ghaggar Plain, Haryana, India

The socio-cultural relations between the Harappan culture and local cultures during the Harappan period (2600 – 1900 BC) is one of the important issues in understanding the social structure in the urban phase of that period. The burials provide a number of clues for this issue. A Harappan cemetery at Farmana in the eastern half of the Ghaggar plain that was excavated during 2007 and 2008 has provided much information relevant to this issue. This paper will overview the evidence for the relations between the Harappans and locals through the Farmana cemetery as well as some evidence from other sites related to this issue.