Esther Hyneman

Yes, everyone, there has been progress on women’s rights in Afghanistan. But what now?

Most Americans have a skewed picture of what is happening in Afghanistan and what has happened there during the last 11 years, especially in terms of the overall situation of women and advances in women’s rights. Esther Hyneman, who just returned from Afghanistan after a 4-month stay to work on Women for Afghan Women’s programs, will discuss what her organization and others have accomplished or failed to accomplish. She will talk in detail about women and girls who have come to WAW for help and describe problems the organization encounters while helping them solve their problems. She will also offer a few predictions on
what is in store for Afghanistan after the troops withdraw. What she has to say will likely be an eye-opener to those who are interested in women’s rights in the world and/or in the situation of women in that country and/or in U.S. involvement there, but who has depended for information on mainstream media. For more information visit: Women for Afghan Women

This lecture is co-sponsored The Office of the First-Year Interest Group (FIG)