Thomas L. Eggert

Sustainability and Consumption

One of the successes of the last ten years is the increase in quality of life for people in both India and China. However, the cost of this success is the increased demand on our world’s resources. Tom will talk about the pros and cons of the continuing development in South Asia from a sustainability perspective.

Tom Eggert is the founder and co-director of the Business, Environment & Social Responsibility Program (a graduate certificate program) at the WI School of Business. For the last fifteen years, he has taught classes on sustainable development and corporate social responsibility and has taught the Ethics classes for the MBA program. In addition to his work with the School of Business, he directs the WI Sustainable Business Council and coordinates the annual WI Sustainable Business Council Conference. He holds a law degree from George Washington University, and, prior to law school, was a Peace Corps volunteer in the Philippines.