Muhammad Asif

Identification of Gaps Between Reported and Tested Literacy Rates in a Selected District of Punjab, Pakistan

Variations are seen in reported literacy rate of Pakistan in various official and non-official documents. Such variations in reported literacy rates raise questions about the actual literacy rate in the country. In addition to differences regarding literacy rate in various surveys, questions are also asked the quality of literates in Pakistan. The present talk is based on a research study conducted to validate the literacy data (rate) obtained through a survey by administering a literacy test to assess the competency of the participants in four literacy skills (reading, writing, numeracy and visual skills).

Prior to coming to UW-Madison, Muhammad Asif worked for five and a half years as a Lecturer in English at the National University of Modern Languages in Peshawar, Pakistan, and as the Head of the English Department at RANA University in Kabul, Afghanistan. He takes an eclectic view of teaching, emphasizing communicative approaches, in keeping with departmental policies. He believes in creating a friendly classroom environment in which students can easily approach him with questions. He has experience working with students from varying backgrounds and takes social, cultural, and linguistic issues into consideration in selecting and adapting materials. He sees language learning as a life-long process.