Panel Discussion

Earthquake in Nepal: the one we had been waiting for but now what should I do?

Photo Credit: Laurie Vasily

Reflections and discussion on how academics can and do respond to disasters in geographical areas where they work.  When the earthquake in Nepal occurred in April 2015, no one familiar with Nepal was surprised a big one had hit, but many of us with expertise in Nepal were probably not prepared to answer, “How can I best help?”  Presenters from the UW will reflect on their reaction to and involvement with the earthquake relief and we invite others to share in a discussion.

Teri Allendorf, who was a Peace Corps volunteer in Nepal beginning in 1991 and has continued to return to work on biodiversity conservation, will host the discussion. Ken Croes, who conducted dissertation fieldwork in Nepal, will reflect on his involvement helping an NGO, Sarvodaya.  Sweta Shrestha, a native of Nepal and public health expert, will reflect on her experiences during a trip to Nepal over the summer.

This lecture is co-sponsored by the Global Health Initiative.

Teri Allendorf, PhD, is a conservation biologist and Assistant Scientist in the UW Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology, and an Honorary Fellow with the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies.

Ken Croes, PhD, is a cultural anthropologist and senior project director with the UW Survey Center with an extensive background in managing survey and qualitative research projects across a variety of subjects, including public health, health services, community pharmacy, and law.

Sweta Shrestha, MPH, is the Education Programs Associate for the UW-Madison Global Health Institute, where she serves as an advisor and instructional specialist for both the graduate and undergraduate Certificates in Global Health and the associated field experiences.