Ravi Mariwala

Sustainable Water in India: Challenges on the Ground

Typical water sources in Rural India

February 4, 2021, 12-1 PM CST
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India receives abundant water through a fairly predictable and periodic monsoon every year. However, the ground realities are quite different. Majority of the households do not have tap water in their homes, only 30% of sewage is treated and agricultural productivity is a dismal 45% of the world average with respect to water. The reasons for these lie with political, social, and economic issues. Ravi Mariwala will share his frontline observations across India and some efforts his company has made towards addressing them.


Ravi Mariwala, is the Founder and CEO of Smaart Water, a company that provides affordable, integrated and holistic water solutions to Rural and Urban India. Ravi started the company with a vision to provide Sustainable and Abundant Water to everyone. In the process, he has developed more than 10 technologies, 25+ products and five services packages which are commercialized. He has set up more than 100 million liters per year Rain Harvesting systems and more than 300 installations in the water sustainability space. Dr. Mariwala holds a BS in Chem Eng. from University of Wisconsin-Madison and Ph.D. from the University of Delaware with 5 patents and 17 publications in international peer reviewed Journals. He has more than 25 years’ experience in chemical and allied process industries in various capacities, including projects funded by Dupont, Air Products, Rohm & Haas and US Govt. through TDS Research, Colorado. Dr. Mariwala has presented his vision for water at Stanford University,  American Chemical Society Annual meeting at Boston (2015), 13th National Convention UNSDG, Bengaluru, and at the University of Delaware his alma mater. A promoter and a director of Eternis Fine Chemicals, Ravi is an adjunct faculty at the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai. He lectures on Technology and Entrepreneurship at ICT. Ravi is also one of the founding members of Tech & Innovation Advisor Group of Centre for Human Rights and International Justice at the Stanford University.


This is event is co-sponsored by the Institute for Regional and International Studies and the Wisconsin Alumni Association.