Sneha Chavali

Credentials: PhD Student

Position title: Anthropology (Archaeology)

Previous Institution(s)
Ball State University,Indiana (M.A Anthr0), Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University ,India (B.Tech Electronics and Communications Engineering)
Areas of Research Interest
Ancient technologies in the Indus Valley Civilization: Faience production; Ethnoarchaeology (modern craft societies involved in faience production in India and Pakistan); Ceramic Petrology and Remote Sensing Technology.
Areas of General Interest
Native American history (NAGPRA)
List of published and non-published works
  • 2018 – Scale and Community in Hopewell Networks (SCHoN): summary of preliminary results. Nolan, K., Hill, M.A., Seeman, M.F., Olson, E., Butcher, E., Chavali, S., Hillard, N. and Dussubieux, L., Encountering Hopewell in Ohio and beyond. University of Akron Press.
  • 2019- K.Krishnan and Sneha Chavali ‘Report of the preliminary analysis of ceramic samples from Nubra Valley (Forth Coming).
Favorite part about CSA
The CSA weekly talk series invites speakers to present on diverse research areas related to the South Asia region. Each talk ties in with issues and research of a previous or forthcoming talk, encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration. It is a great platform for budding scholars to present on their dissertation work.
Travelling and camping, nature photography, cooking, martial arts.
Favorite part of living in Madison
Surprised by the unpredictable weather every day. Cultural diversity in people and cuisines.