Ujaan Ghosh

Credentials: PhD Student

Position title: Art History

Previous Institution(s)
Presidency College and University, Centre or Studies in Social Sciences Calcutta
Areas of Research Interest
Urban History, Religion, Odisha, Early Modern Literary Histories, Sanskrit, Courtly Cultures, Translation Studies
Areas of General Interest
British Orientalist Paintings, Psychoanalysis
List of published and non-published works
Favorite part about CSA
The Annual Conference, The weekly lecture series, and (of course) the Samosas.
In addition to my research and the opportunities for travel, cultural immersion, and language study it opens up, I enjoy road and trail running, hiking, backpacking, reading the occasional novel, going to shows, and especially cooking and eating together with good company.
Favorite part of living in Madison
Football (what is erroneously called Soccer!), Card Magic and Crime Novels