Alan Lee

Credentials: PhD Student

Position title: Anthropology

Areas of Research Interest
Iron technology in Northwestern South Asia (1500 BC – 500 AD). I am interested in archaeometallurgy and image analysis.
Areas of General Interest
Anywhere in the world with iron technology. Specifically I am interested in methods surrounding heat treatment techniques around the world.
List of published and non-published works
  • 2018 “Metallographic Analysis of Iron Samples from Bhamala Stupa” at 47th Annual Conference on South Asia.
  • 2018 Panel Organizer and Panel Chair. “Recent Archaeological Advances in Ceramic, Copper/Bronze, and Iron Technologies of Ancient South Asia” for the 47th Annual Conference on South Asia
  • 2018 Poster on “Metallographic Analysis of Iron Samples from Bhamala Stupa” – to be presented at European Association for South Asian Archaeology and Art (EASAA 2018)
  • 2017 Panel Organizer. “South Asian Lithic and Metal Technologies Archaeological, Ethnographic, and Experimental Approaches” for the 46th Annual Conference on South Asia.
  • 2017 “Iron Technology in Ancient South Asia: A Perspective from the Agaria of Central India.” at the 46th Annual Conference on South Asia.
  • 2017 “Crucible Steel Production: An Experimental Study of Crucible Composition and Structure” at Red Sea VIII: Coveted Treasure – The Economy Natural Resources: Extraction, Processing, and Trade.
Favorite part about CSA
One – The people in the CSA. I could hardly imagine a group of kinder and more supportive people
Two – The Guests. I don’t know how you find the amazing people you do, but keep it up!
Three – I love opportunities like this to network!
One – Games (I love me some games of all kinds, boardgames, vidyagames, tabletop rpgs, I’ve basically done it all).
Two – I love outdoors stuff, running, hiking, tubing whatever.
Three –
Favorite part of living in Madison
Everything except that -10 F windchill that sweeps off the lake and hits me in the face at my bus stop in February.