Tyler A. Lehrer

Credentials: History

Position title: Office Assistant, Center for South Asia; PhD Candidate, History

Email: info@southasia.wisc.edu

Tyler A. Lehrer
Previous Institution(s)
University of Colorado Boulder; California State University
Areas of Research Interest
I am a historian of early modern Indian Ocean religious and diplomatic networks. My research examines connections across Buddhist kingdoms in the Southern Asian regions of what are now Sri Lanka and central Thailand. My ongoing investigations aspire to chart the emergence of ethnicity and religious, political, and interregional affiliation as these became galvanized and salient in an increasingly interconnected maritime world, especially in the context of the Dutch East India Company’s mediation in and between these polities. In particular, I am captivated my many of the ways that Buddhist monastics, kings, and especially ordinary people have forged and documented maritime networks of cooperation and negotiation across the Bay of Bengal in the mid-eighteenth century, and how these operate as valuable historical resources as they were—and still are—invoked in subsequent historical writing and in contemporary disputes in Southern Asia in the contexts of gender, ethnicity, and contested visions of pluralist religious modernity.
Areas of General Interest
History of Theravāda Buddhism(s) • Southern Asian gender history • Early modern Indian Ocean history • Southeast Asian religious history • Transnational religious movements • Religion, gender, and nationalism • Religious studies method and theory
List of published and non-published works
Favorite part about CSA
I love the amazing community of scholars and friends, as well as the myriad opportunities for language study, collaboration, and samosas!
In addition to my research and the opportunities for travel, cultural immersion, and language study it opens up, I enjoy road and trail running, hiking, backpacking, reading the occasional novel, going to shows, and especially cooking and eating together with good company.
Favorite part of living in Madison
The amazing restaurants, its multiple, diverse, and vibrant neighborhoods, the Farmer’s Market, UW–Madison, its running trails, and especially its sunsets!