Jeremy Manheim

Credentials: PhD Student

Position title: Asian Languages and Cultures

Previous Institution(s)
Areas of Research Interest
My area of focus is in Indian Buddhist philosophy. I primarily work with Sanskrit texts and their Tibetan translations.
Areas of General Interest
Philosophy of perception.
List of published and non-published works
  • Inattentive Cognition: A Study of Perception without Conceptualization (unpublished)
  • Is Consciousness a Person? A Study in the Tarkajvālā. Indian International Journal of Buddhist Studies, Vol. 18 (2017).
  • The Wheel-Weapon: An Analysis of Lojong Reading. Journal of Theta Alpha Kappa, Vol. 26, No. 1 (2002).
Favorite part about CSA
I guess were not supposed to say Samosas… I really enjoy the opportunity to hear from scholars doing research in South Asia in areas and methodologies other than my own.
Favorite part of living in Madison
Winter biking?