Shahana Munazir

Credentials: Cultural Anthropology

Position title: PhD Student

Previous Institution(s)
St. Stephens College University of Delhi, University of Oxford, UK
Areas of Research Interest
My ethnographic focus rests on understanding the lives of Muslim women beyond Islamic schooling in India. Moving outside the literature on ethics and piety in the anthropology of Islam, my main theoretical interests lie in exploring issues of temporality, reciprocity, subjectivity whilst delving into the lives of girls in their intimate home sphere and neighbourhood.
Areas of General Interest/Beyond South Asia
I am interested in advocacy, activism, governance and policymaking in the Middle East
List of published and non-published works
  • The anatomy of a marginalized region
    publication dateMay 9, 2019 publication description: The HinduPreventing Student Suicides
    publication date Jan 15, 2019 publication description: The HinduMisadventures in Education
    publication date Aug 2, 2018 publication description: The Hindu

    A move to equivalence
    publication date march 20, 2018 publication description The Hindu

    Inclusive Lessons
    publication date Nov 23, 2017 publication description The Hindu

    Divisive Integration
    publication date Sep 25, 2017 publication description: The Indian Express

    Kinship Through the Parallel Lines: Probing the Social and Biological Divide
    publication date May 1, 2016 publication description oxford Journal of Anthropological Society (JASO)

Favorite part of CSA
The weekly seminars and lectures
An avid social and political issue fiction reader
Favorite part of living in Madison
The depth of greens and the brim of the lakes