Sabir Shah

Credentials: FLTA Pashto Instructor

Position title: Department of Asian Languages and Cultures


Van Hise Hall
1220 Linden Drive
Madison, WI 53706

Sabir Shah, FLTA

Sabir Shah earned his Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics from Kohat University of Science & Technology, Pakistan. He completed his 18 years education in an area where getting 16 years education is considered merely an illusion. Being a professional language teacher, he has taught a vast number of language courses in various institutions at the undergraduate level in Pakistan, where students are highly impressed and satisfied with his teaching style and methodology. Besides, he has worked as a “Radio Journalist” in various Pashto channels and hence, possesses high command on the language. Sabir Shah has been active in various social activities and played essential role in bringing educational awareness in the backward and deprived areas of Pakistan. In addition, he has experience in conducting various research projects and recently published research papers. His research areas of interest include: “Language Teaching, Discourse Analysis and Second Language Acquisition.”