Pearly Wong

Credentials: PhD Student

Position title: Anthropology, Environment and Resources (Nelson Institute)

Previous Institution(s)
UNESCO, United Nations University
Areas of Research Interest
Development, Environment, Sustainability, Nepal, Intersectionality
Areas of General Interest
Decolonizing knowledge, Cultural Politics, Postcolonial studies
List of published and non-published works

Wong, P. (Accepted book chapter, in press). Achieving Environmental Justice: Lessons from the Global South. In Cambridge Handbook of Environmental Sociology. Cambridge University Press.

Wong, P. (2020). The Vulnerable State and Technical Fixes: An Analysis of Climate Change Policy and Adaptation Strategy in Nepal. Himalaya 39 (2).

Available at:

Wong, P. (Oct 18, 2018). Water Justice vs. Western Development in Nepal. Edge Effects.

Wong P. and Clammer J. (2017). Performance and Development: Theatre for Social Change. In: Clammer J., Giri A. (eds) The Aesthetics of Development. Palgrave Macmillan: New York.

Wong, P. and Herath, S. (2014). Equity in Bulk Water Allocation: The Case of the Mahaweli Ganga Development Project in Sri Lanka. International Journal of Water Resources Development, 30(4), 635–648.

Wong, P. (2013). Local Ownership’ in Peacebuilding – a Premature Rhetoric?’ United Nations Peace and Progress 1(1), 47-57

Pearly Wong

Latest Publication:

Wong, Pearly. 2020. The Vulnerable State and Technical Fixes: An Analysis of Official Climate Change Discourses in Nepal. HIMALAYA 39(2). Available at:

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Favorite part about CSA
I love the amazing community of scholars and friends, as well as the myriad opportunities for language study, collaboration, and samosas!
read, sing, dance, eat
Favorite part of living in Madison
The lake, the four seasons, the right size