Mission Statement

Center Strategies to accomplish our mission:

  • Coordinate the scholarly efforts of UW faculty and staff in various fields of South Asian studies.
  • Promote linkages and interaction among our diverse academic disciplines to develop and maintain a community of scholars, staff, students and interested public.
  • Provide support for the curricular and co-curricular activities of UW faculty and staff by hosting lectures, exhibitions, film series, reading groups, language tables, library orientations, and other events that enhance the academic offerings on South Asia at the University (Outreach, Wisconsin International Outreach Consortium)
  • Engage in fundraising for the support of outreach programs, student fellowships, teaching and research.
  • Identify and supplement areas of academic and outreach need on the UW campus by hosting regular lectures, workshops, colloquia, teacher training, etc. in areas outside the direct interests of UW faculty and staff.
  • Offer unique events and experiences relevant to the study of South Asia, including the Annual Conference on South Asia.
  • Serve the UW community and the people of Wisconsin by acting as a resource for information on South Asia: school presentations, documentary film production and distribution, workbooks and grammars developed according to proficiency standards, especially in the less-commonly taught languages.
  • Promote the study of South Asian languages by encouraging summer language study and study abroad programs, as well as educating the public on the importance of language study for a useful knowledge of South Asia through an Intermediate Language Curricula Improvement-Nepali (with funding from the South Asia Language Resource Center), and support the National Conference on Less Commonly Taught Languages.