Christine Garlough

Position title: Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Gender and Women's Studies; Department of Comparative Literature and Folklore; Interdisciplinary Theatre Studies; and the Center for the Study of Upper Midwestern Cultures


Phone: (608) 890-3461

3406 Sterling Hall
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Christine Garlough

Christine Garlough is Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies, Director for the Center for South Asia (2015-16), and affiliate of the Department of Comparative Literature and Folklore, Interdisciplinary Theater Studies, and the Center for the Study of Upper Midwestern Cultures. Her research constellates around issues of art and activism.  Her work centers on how feminist groups, both in India and the South Asian diaspora, use street plays, poster work, performance art, and oral narratives to address social and political exigencies. As part of this work, she has developed the South Asian Feminist Activism Archive (SAFAA), which digitizes and catalogs rare Indian feminist posters. Her research appears in journals such as Quarterly Journal of SpeechJournal of American FolkloreWomen’s Studies in CommunicationJournal of American Folklore, and Western Folklore, as well as the edited volumes and her recently published scholarly monograph, Desi Devas: Activism in South Asian American Cultural Performance (2013). Her new book project, The Danger of Safe Space, takes up questions of restricting discourse to shared political or social viewpoints, and the relation of this to the ethics of care, activism, and acknowledgment in a range of contexts.