Nathan McGovern

Credentials: Associate Professor

Position title: Philosophy and Religious Studies, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater


Faculty Profile
Nathan McGovern

I teach World of Ideas and courses on Asian religions in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies. In my research, I’m interested in exploring the boundary and interactions between Buddhism and Brahmanism/Hinduism. I explore this boundary in two contexts: ancient India (late first millennium BCE) and Thailand (historically and in the present). In ancient India, I’m interested in better understanding the way in which Buddhist and Brahmanical (as well as Jain) identities arose and interacted with one another. In Thailand, I’m interested in the role that superficially “Hindu” elements play in the overwhelmingly Theravada Buddhist religious context. Currently, I’m working on two major projects. The first is the preparation of my first book, The Snake and the Mongoose, for publication with Oxford University Press. The second is ongoing research on the Royal Court Brahmans of Thailand. I also have a side interest in the philosophy of physics that I indulge when I have the time.