Muhammad Rehan

Credentials: Pashto Instructor

Position title: Department of Asian Languages and Cultures


Van Hise Hall
1220 Linden Drive
Madison, WI 53706

Muhammad Rehan has vast experience in the Pashto language, culture, and tradition. He has lived for over 25 years among Pashtoons. He has traveled extensively in the Pashtoon areas, and explored the diverse cultures and different dialects of the Pashto language. He has serves as a Lecturer in multiple South Asian Universities in Pakistan, including Kohat University of Science and Technology, FATA University, and served as a Visiting Lecturer at the Hangu Institute of Science and Technology. While staying in South Asia and among Pashtoons, he arranged many cultural events; Pashtoon Culture Week, National Youth Carnival, National Level Pashto Poetry Contest, Pashtoon Education Expo, and made arrangements for the opening ceremony of the Women’s Campus of Kohat University in which His Excellency The Prime Minister was the chief guest. He is an activist in national and international level organizations for Pashtoons. He has helped many Pashto poets publish their books and artwork. He has personally found great benefit in implementing wellness measures in his own life, including reading books, traveling, and meeting new people.